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Commitment Attribution and the Reconstruction of Arguments

Université de Fribourg BLE-BLL

  • 2016
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  • The Psychology of Argument. Cognitive Approaches to Argumentation and Persuasion / de Paglieri, Fabio ; Bonelli, Laura ; Felletti, Silvia. - College Publication. - 2016, p. 17-32
English The notion of commitment has been shown to be pivotal in the study of argumentation (see e.g. Hamblin 1970, Walton & Krabbe 1995), in particular as far as argumentative reconstruction is concerned. In this chapter I will consider how the notion of commitment attribution, as developed in cognitive pragmatic research (Morency et al. 2008, Saussure & Oswald, 2008, 2009), can contribute clear criteria to be used in an analytical task argumentation theorists regularly have to undertake, namely the identification of missing or unexpressed premises.
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