File management

Created: 07-12-2022 - Last updated: 30-11-2021

The files attached to a document are managed from the document detailed view.

File fields

Field Description
label Defines the label displayed below the file thumbnail. Examples: Full text, Main file, Table of contents, etc.
position If there are multiple files, it defines the display order and can be changed manually.
access It can be Open access (public), Embargoed access (public when it reaches the specified date) or Restricted access (not public).
See also settings on the visiblity of the document.
embargo date It defines from when the system should publicly display the file.
access allowed from the organisation's IP addresses If enabled, the file with Embargoed access or Restricted access is shown on the public interface to users from the IP addresses (as defined in the organisation settings) and to authenticated users affiliated to the organisation.

File versions

It is possible to add a new file version. The previous version is not displayed any more in the public interface, but can be accessed in the professional interface by clicking on the button .