Created: 07-12-2022 - Last updated: 25-01-2022

A collection in SONAR is a group of documents sharing a common characteristic. They are defined by an administrator of the organisation.

Search documents within a collection

  • Use the facet "Collections" to filter an existing search
  • On the document detailed view, click on the collection
    • In the public interface, this opens a document search within this collection
    • In the professional interface, this opens the settings of the collection
  • Use the collection public permalink
    • Link structure:[view]/collections/[PID]
    • This link can be found by clicking on a collection on a document detailed view

Example of a collection landing page: SONAR_collection.JPG

Manage the attribute of a collection

  1. Open the administration interface
  2. Open "Administration > Collections"
  3. Edit a collection
Field Description
Name It is displayed in the collection facet, document detailed view and collection landing page.
Description It is displayed in the collection landing page.

Manage the documents linked to a collection

See page Manage documents