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Background of Jihadist Radicalisation and Measures for Prevention and Intervention in Switzerland

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  • - 2019, vol. 2, no. 2, p. Article: 2.2
English This paper presents a development overview of prevention strategies in a federalist context. It builds on the results of the study on the backgrounds of jihadist radicali-sation and the prevention strategies adopted in Switzerland (Eser Davolio and Re-ther 2019) as well as the measures outlined in the Swiss National Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Radicalisation. The methodological approach comprises de-scriptive quantitative data analyses of the different backgrounds of radicalisation and qualitative analyses of the prevention agencies and their strategies. This paper examines three such prevention and intervention agencies: counselling services, which have been set up in various cities and cantons for the universal and selective prevention of extremism in general and jihadist radicalisation in particular; com-munity policing by the cantonal and municipal police; and, on the level of preven-tion, the Swiss penal system facing radicalised persons in legal procedures and in prison. The prevention and intervention measures implemented by these agencies will be analysed, assessing whether they are adequate in view of the findings on the backgrounds of radicalisation. Focussing on jihadist radicalisation in Switzerland – a problem area with relatively limited evidence but at the same time of national se-curity relevance – we have to consider the federalist context with its own challenges and aspects of interferences.
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